About JSA


The Access and Insight to Change Perspectives, Reveal Hope and Save Lives.

Our psychiatric professionals expedite assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and disposition of patients in settings where it might otherwise be difficult and time-consuming to get appropriate services.

Contracting with us can cost a fraction of hiring on-site staff. You pay for services only as you use them.

Easy to setup and maintain, modern, high-definition telemedicine technologies allows our staff to effectively diagnose and treat all sorts of patients in nearly any setting. This telemedicine technology is well understood and used in corporate settings all across the world.

All that is required is secure, high-speed internet access, and teleconferencing equipment that is HIPAA compliant, including equipment manufactured by Lifesize, Polycom, Cisco, and Sony. A JSA representative will link you with equipment resellers and technology support personnel that can install and maintain your telemedicine network.

Our Cornerstones For Unparalleled Telepsychiatry

+ Access to Psychiatrists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

+ Prompt On Site Consultations using State of the Art Telemedicine Technology

+ Flexible Array of Services including Emergent, Urgent and Routine Evaluations

+ Board-certified psychiatric specialists and nurse practitioners


2014 Outcome Data:


Request for Emergency Psychiatric Consultation

  1. Phone response time < 1 Minute:  100 %
  2. Telemedicine response time:  Avg 14.8 minutes

Patient Satisfaction:  Satisfied or Very satisfied – 92%

Telemedicine Up Time:  99.86%