JSA Health Telepsychiatry is pleased to announce that we have been chosen to provide emergency telepsychiatry evaluations for the Houston Methodist Hospital System. We are proud and a bit humbled by Methodist Hospital’s choice. For the fifth year in a row, U.S. News & World Report named Houston Methodist Hospital the No. 1 hospital in Texas and No. 1 in the Houston area.

The system encompasses 8 hospitals in and around Houston:

Houston Methodist Hospital

Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital

Houston Methodist St. John Hospital

Houston Methodist West Hospital

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital

Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital

Houston Methodist St. Catherine Hospital

JSA’s team of emergency telepsychiatrists will be providing round the clock, on-demand evaluations to Methodist emergency departments, medical/surgical floors, and intensive care units. The Methodist Houston – JSA relationship marks an expansion of JSA’s pre-existing telepsychiatry service for Houston Methodist’s Behavioral Health Unit. JSA is committed to quality biopsychosocial evaluations to both hasten a patient’s medical and mental recovery from illness, and provide Houston Methodist physicians with rapid and comprehensive behavioral health assessment to help with risk management.


More information about Houston Methodist from the Houston Methodist Website:



Groundbreaking research performed at Houston Methodist has added years to the life of Matt Futer, who, in December 2006, received a death sentence. Doctors at another hospital diagnosed him with glioblastoma, the most aggressive and deadly form of brain cancer.

An ambulance immediately took Futer to Houston Methodist’s Kenneth R. Peak Brain and Pituitary Tumor Treatment Center. He participated in a clinical trial, during which specialists used a unique gene therapy designed to strictly attack tumor cells.

Now, an eight-year glioblastoma survivor, Futer has lived significantly longer than most patients, many of whom die within three years after diagnosis. Before receiving treatment at Houston Methodist, Futer also faced a grim prognosis, three months to live.

“I feel like I was given the chance to help others,” he said. “In May of ‘07, I was in England doing sheep dog trials with a friend of ours, which, by all means, shouldn’t have happened. 
And here I am … years later, a miracle.”  — Matt Futer


Houston Methodist’s teams of surgeons, physicians, researchers and other experts collaborate to solve medicine’s biggest challenges and turn discoveries into new therapies and treatments. Our drive for innovation is rooted in the legacy created by world-renowned cardiac surgeon Dr. Michael E. DeBakey. He performed the first coronary artery bypass surgery in Texas, and pioneered surgical advances, which have become universal practices.

These days, Houston Methodist not only is well established as a leader in heart and vascular treatments, research and education based on DeBakey’s achievements and reputation, but also is known for spearheading breakthroughs in organ transplantation, orthopedics, cancer treatment and neurology and neuroscience.


JSA Health Telepsychiatry is a behavioral health telemedicine practice that provides 24/7 access to high quality telepsychiatry care for a wide variety of settings including emergency departments, community health clinics, educational institutions, correctional facilities and a wide variety of distant locations including cruise ships throughout the world’s oceans. We use high-definition HIPAA compliant telemedicine technologies to connect patients and healthcare organizations to experienced mental health professionals. For more information please call 1-888-792-7122 or email at info@jsahealthmd.com.