JSA Health Telepsychiatry is pleased to announce the start of new hospital wide telepsychiatry consult service for Palo Pinto General Hospital of Mineral Wells, Texas. The project is part of the Texas statewide access project to up to 149 rural hospitals needing multi-specialty telemedicine care. Palo Pinto General Hospital is a general medical and surgical hospital in Mineral Wells, TX, with 42 beds. Survey data for the latest year available shows that 21,249 patients visited the hospital’s emergency room. The hospital had a total of 1,846 admissions. Its physicians performed 766 inpatient and 1,130 outpatient surgeries. Palo Pinto General Hospital is an award winning hospital including the Woman’s Choice Award for America’s Best Hospital for Emergency Care:


History from the hospital website:


The Palo Pinto General Hospital District came into being April 20, 1965. This was the culmination of many months of work following a request by the Sisters who operated the Nazareth Hospital in Mineral Wells. The Order felt they could no longer maintain the Nazareth Hospital due to decreased personnel and the need for modernization.

The Palo Pinto General Hospital Auxiliary was formed by a group who had been Auxilians at the Nazareth Hospital. By-Laws were adopted and signed by ten Charter Members on February 8, 1968. These members were – Msds. William O’Quin, O.B. Lance, J.F. Bailey, A.W. Dennis, Byron Greene, B.L. Miller, T.L. Sullens, Wayne Schwalm, John Westbury, and Sam Hawes.

The new hospital was completed and a day for public viewing was held July 26, 1970. The Auxilians acted as hosts. Over 7,000 area residents attended the open house. Moving day for equipment and patients was August 1, 1970.

Since the early beginnings of the Auxiliary with ten members, it now has approximately 65 active Auxilians and serves PPGH in many different areas both inside and outside of the hospital. While the hospital was being built … the first two floors of the nearby Crazy Water Hotel was used as a hospital.


JSA is looking forward to this project to further help persons with behavioral health disorders in Texas. Our thanks to Palo Pinto General Hospital for the opportunity.



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