JSA Health Telepsychiatry is pleased to announce an expansion of our work with Starcare Specialty Health System of Lubbock, Texas. JSA will be providing admissions to Sunrise Canyon Hospital operated by Starcare.

Sunrise Canyon Hospital is a psychiatric facility for short-term crisis stabilization. It is a 30-bed hospital … an adult inpatient treatment facility which provides psychiatric evaluation, rehabilitation services, and comprehensive discharge planning for people who have a mental illness and/or who are experiencing a serious psychiatric crisis.
Sunrise Canyon Hospital is the only community-based hospital of its kind in Texas, operated by and integrated within the other programs of a community mental health center, StarCare Specialty Health System. Sunrise Canyon is Joint Commission Accredited.
JSA Health Telepsychiatry continues to show its commitment to serving public sector community mental health centers as a core mission of our company.


From the Starcare Website:


StarCare Specialty Health Systems provides services for adults, children and adolescents who have a diagnosis of mental illness, developmental disabilities or substance abuse. As the state designated mental health and mental retardation authority for Lubbock, Lynn, Cochran, Crosby and Hockley counties, the Center has authority and responsibility for: planning policy development; coordination, development and allocation of resources; and oversight of mental health and mental retardation services.

As the local mental health and mental retardation authority, the Center accepts the obligation of public trust and is committed to developing, maintaining, and expending resources in a manner that ensures the greatest benefit to consumers and to the community. The Center is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees appointed by the City of Lubbock, Lubbock County and Lubbock Independent School District. The Board of Trustees is reflective of the community, includes consumer and/or family member representation, and is governmental in nature and accountable to the public trust. Their responsibilities as the governing body of a local authority and as public stewards are paramount as they carry out their duties in:

  • Determining the organization’s vision, mission and values;
  • Evaluating implementation activities and planning to assure:
    • Public Accountability,
    • Sound Financial Planning and Asset Protection,
    • A Focus on Individual and Organizational Outcomes and
    • Equitable, Confidential and Dignified Treatment of Staff and Volunteers;
  • Developing governing policies;
  • Complying with state laws applicable to board actions;
  • Developing relationships with local, state and national officials;
  • Advocating for funding and statutory changes, which will support the vision, mission and values of the Center.


Originally known as the South Plains Guidance Center, StarCare Specialty Health Systems was created in February 1964 as a result of the efforts of the Lubbock Community Planning Council and in response to the identified need for services for people with mental illness and mental retardation within the Lubbock community.

The Mental Health and Mental Retardation Act of 1965 prompted a request to the Texas Department of MHMR by the City of Lubbock for the formation of a Community MHMR Center in the Lubbock area. The request was approved and the Board of Trustees of LRMHMRC was appointed in March of 1966. The original local service area, Lubbock County, was expanded in 1975 to include Cochran, Crosby, Hockley and Lynn Counties. At that time the Center’s name was changed to Lubbock Regional Mental Health Mental Retardation Center.

Over the ensuing thirty years, the Center’s scope of responsibility and geographic service area have steadily broadened, even beyond the five county MHMR service area, through its relationship with a variety of state agencies.  For example, STARCARE maintains contractual relationships with:

StarCare also is designated a Local Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority. Under this designation, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) delegates the authority for planning, policy development, coordination, resource allocation and resource development, and oversight of mental health and mental retardation services to the Center for the service area specified by HHSC.




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