JSA Health Telepsychiatry is pleased to announce a new project with Champion Center  – a chemical dependency rehabilitation hospital which provides a full spectrum of addition treatment for patients and their families to recover from the disease of addiction and it’s related disorders. Champion Center is owned and operated by the Lompoc Healthcare District.

Champion Center consists of 3 main treatment areas:

  • Medical Services Unit: a 34-bed medical detoxification unit.

  • The Oaks: a 16-bed inpatient residential treatment unit.

  • Recovery Residences: 4 condo, 30-bed residences

Go live for this project is April 1, 2016. JSA Health Telepsychiatrists will be performing consultation services making recommendations in the following areas:

  • Psychiatric medications

  • Behavioral management strategies

  • Determinations of safety to self and/or others

JSA Health Telepsychiatry welcomes the opportunity help patients at Champion Center get psychiatric consultation to increase their success in chemical dependency treatment.

From the Champion Center website:

Champion Center: Recover, Renew, Rejoice

There is a champion in all of us. It is the part in us that takes the first step, faces fear and moves forward. It’s that part in us that begins the process of recovery. Champion Center is here to embrace, support and partner with the champion in you.

We provide a full spectrum of addiction treatment for patients, families and communities to recover from the disease of addiction and related disorders.

We Value:

  • Integrity in all we do
  • The 12 Step tradition, principles, and community
  • Compassion and empathy: the heart of our staff
  • Expertise: education, training, and experience
  • The human spirit: we all have the ability to recover
  • Teamwork among our staff and patients
  • Stewardship: we are responsible managers of our resources


Champion Center represents a partnership between the Lompoc Healthcare District and Addiction Medicine Services, Inc. The Lompoc Valley Medical Center was the first operating healthcare district established in California. Addiction Medicine Services, Inc. has a long history of partnering with hospitals to provide behavioral health and chemical dependency clinical services.

Champion Center is built on a solid foundation of experience, ethics and quality care.


We believe that chemical dependency is a primary illness that is describable, progressive, chronic, potentially fatal, and treatable. It is an all-pervasive disease that affects mind, body, and spirit. Cross addiction from one substance to another is a reality of the disease and therefore, abstinence from all mind and mood altering substances is a required aspect of recovery. Chemical dependency is a family disease affecting everyone in the family system. To be most effective, addiction treatment must be extended to all family members concurrently so that the family recovers together.

The therapeutic drug and alcohol treatment process at Champion Center occurs within a holistic, cognitively-oriented framework. It is facilitated through educational, task oriented and process groups. Introduction to the 12 Step program and philosophy is a component of treatment.




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